The 2011 crop of Ponderosa Pine Cones

The Forest is our Factory

We grew up in the forests of Oregon and want to ensure they remain as inspiring tp our children as they were to us. That is why all of our cones are harvested by hand in the forests of Oregon and Northern California.  Collecting by hand takes more time and effort but it ensures we have minimal impact on the environment and that our cones come to you in their full natural beauty.

The US Forest Service sees the removal of cones and other excess fuels from forests targeted for fire suppression as a key element in its long-term effort to restore fire-adapted ecosystems. 

We collect our cones in the early spring and summer. They are aged, cleaned, scented and packaged in our modern warehouse in Oregon, so the cones are ready to appear in our retail partners’ stores in the fall.

Each season is a limited run and our retailers often run out of OHP cones before December, so make sure you pick up a bag or two when you see them.