Sugar Pine Cones

Spectacular in size the Sugar Pine Cone is unsurpassed in beauty. 

The Sugar Pine (Pinus Lamertiana) is the world’s tallest pine tree and produces the world’s longest pine cones. The cones, which grow up to 24 inches, take two years to mature before scattering their seeds and falling to the forest floor. 

The Sugar Pine got its name from its sweet sap that Native Americans used like glue. While we do age our Sugar Pine Cones, the Sugar Pines’ signature sap or pitch is often still present on the cones. Please be aware when displaying them that the natural sap or pitch can stain fabrics or finishes. 

For 2011 our Sugar Pine Cones are sold in packages of three. Not only is the three-pack perfect for crafts and decorating, it is also a good investment. If stored carefully, Sugar Pine Cones will last for many seasons. In our family we still decorate with Sugar Pine Cones collected more than thirty-five years ago!